About Us


BOW bearings is run by professionals with 33 years of experience in bearing industry and is known for its high precision,low noise and long life quality bearings. BOW Bearings are manufactured with strict adherence to Japanese precision and quality Standards following JIS Standards (Class 6) and are individually inspected and guaranteed for performance under normal operating conditions.

With an extensive network that spreads over 45 countries around the world, namely in Europe, America, Asia and Africa .BOW continually sourced out potential countries for it's expanding distribution network. Together with it's aim of providing excellent customer service through the implementation of a quality management system, BOW has obtained ISO 9001 certification to ensure superior product quality as a commitment to bring success to your business

With wide range of bearings, BOW bearings support the automotive,industrial and agricultural market by providing high quality products with the most competitive pricing.


Japanese 5s methodology

BOW bearings uses conventional Japanese 5S Methadology for factory Optimization which helps in production of High Quality Bearings, Competitive pricing, faster and reliable deliveries,product diversification and Safety at workplace.


Seiri (Sort)

Clearly Distinguish needed items from unnecessary items and and eliminate the latter.


Seiton (Set)

Organize the workplace by keeping needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval.


Seiso (Shine)

To keep the workplace swept and clean thereby eliminating dirt,dust and scrap from workplace.


Seiketsu (Standardize)

To implement effective rules, procedures and routine for maintaining the above three steps.


Shitsuki (Sustain)

To maintain self discipline and commitment in team by properly maintaining and improving the standards.